Performance: Sophie Trémeau
© Jamey Rabold Photography 2020


Lydia from “Do Lesbian Robots Dream of Rainbow Sheep?” by Leslie Duggin, first performed at the Women’s Theatre Festival #WTF at the Millibo Art Theatre.

Scruple from “Heir Apparent” by David Ives, performed at the Springs Ensemble Theatre.

Lydia in "Do Lesbian Robots Dream of Rainbow Sheep?" by Leslie Duggin
“Lydia” © Broken Glass Photography (Design: make up and costume by Sophie)
“Scruple” © John Sicone (Design: Springs Ensemble Theatre. Make up: Sophie)


TALL TALL TALES – written & directed by Birgitta de Pree
Slue Foot Sue, Pecos Bill, and Paul Bunyan join forces to save the planet, but they need your help to make it happen! So, pull up your bootstraps and join us for inventive storytelling, physical comedy, and a great big “YES, WE CAN!”

AESOP A BE-BOP written & directed by Birgitta de Pree
A high-energy, adventure full of physical comedy, song and inventive story-telling that brings to life the timeless tales of Mr. Aesop. First performed in 2019 at the Millibo Art Theatre with an ensemble cast of 4 performers. Toured in elementary schools.

Character: Thinbeef (drag act)
Born from autocorrect, this sultry slip of meat comes to you from the mountains somewhere far, far away. Sweet & salty, hopelessly romantic, and a bit creepy (but very well-meaning), Thinbeef hopes to leave you feeling catered to—tonight and forever, always.

NYC © Kirra Cheers
Also, featured in Cosmo as the token gay grrrl. Original article here.

©Thinbeef, LLC 2020

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