Sophie is a multimedia artist based in Colorado. She wants to hold your hand.


Creative, dedicated, hardworking, and innovative. Living by Lafayette’s “Cur non?”​ motto, my work reflects a similar philosophy for challenging the status quo and striving for both personal and professional growth in everything I do.

Why so many names?

Sophie L Thunberg – pen-name: with “L”  to hold a place for my great-grand mother Louise, aunt Lisa, and father Larry.

Sophie Trémeau – stage name: (root: French) to honor: my mother Claudie Trémeau (who made art that made people stop and think) and my grandmother Francine Trémeau (who sang like a nightingale). Two artists, who still greatly guide my creative process.

Thunberg – maiden name: (root: Swedish) meaning: “dying vegetation on top of a hill.” Yes, I am related to Greta Thunberg, as related as any Smith, Jackson, or Dupont is to one another. We are related in the spirit of sustainability and conscious-living. See BYOC (Bring Your Own Cup) movement for more.